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Presented by the AIA Baltimore Health & Wellness Committee

This exhibition is an opportunity for architects, engineers, urban planners, landscape architects, interior designers, contractors, artists and others to show the local community how they’ve been creating healthy spaces. The goal of this exhibition is to showcase designs that promote health and wellness in a variety of creative and impactful ways.

The AIA Baltimore Health & Wellness Committee is interested in bringing members of the design community together with a new forum to showcase their designs with peers, while also being afforded the opportunity to observe the creative work of others. On this night we will come together to celebrate our successes, share best practices, strategize solutions, and discuss adaptation.

The theme of the showcase Good Design=Good Health paints a broad stroke of healthy design. Cities and communities that foster healthy living, mental well-being and social connectedness don’t just happen. It takes forward thinking and innovative designers to create spaces that elevate a community’s way of life.  And those spaces are brought to life by a diversity of professionals: The urban planner who designs new bike lanes throughout the city; the landscape architect’s healing garden for children; the contractor who brings the adaptive reuse vision to life; the architect whose school design becomes a community anchor. 

Project Entries

We are seeking submissions from the design community for projects that speak to the idea of a healthy city or healthy environment. The promotion of good health comes in so many shapes and sizes and we want to celebrate them all.

See our Call for Entries for more details. Deadline: February 21.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Major Sponsor ($500)
Company logo on website and marketing materials. Recognition at event and 2 tickets for company representatives.

Sponsor ($250)
Company name included on website and marketing materials. Recognition at event, and 1 ticket for company representative.

To sponsor, select the Health & Wellness Showcase using the Event Sponsorship Form. Thank you!