A & AA Buildings Switchgear Replacement

Baltimore, MD

As the prime consultant, BKM provided m/e/p design services for the replacement of the service entrance switchgear in Building A and two service entrance switchgears in Building AA on the Johns Hopkins Bayiew Medical Center campus. Building A includes is a 3,000 Amp, 208/120V, single-ended unit substation switchgear and Building AA includes a 2,000 Amp, 480/277V, single-ended unit substation switchgear and 3,000 Amp, 208/120V, double-ended unit substation switchgear.

The design effort required thorough field survey of the existing conditions and detailed phasing plans since the switchgear was replaced in its current location while the hospital remained occupied with all areas up and running. A power system study was completed (short circuit, overcurrent devise coordination, and arc-flash analysis) to determine the impact of connecting the new service entrance unit substation switchgear to the existing building distribution system. Each building was surveyed to obtain existing equipment nameplate data and feeder sizes and length. The field data was used to model the building’s power distribution system using SKM software. Short circuit protective device coordination and arc-flash analysis was also completed.

Project Details

  • Client Johns Hopkins Facilities & Real Estate
  • Size 280,000 SF
  • Cost $3.2 M