Beechfield PK-8

Baltimore, MD

BKM is the prime consultant currently providing MEP design services on the renovation to the HVAC systems for the Beechfield PK-8 #246, located in Baltimore City. The HVAC modifications include the addition of air conditioning to the current heating-only system.

 A new variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system will be provided to condition the entire facility. All of the existing unit ventilators as well as the existing air handling units will be remove and replaced with new HVAC equipment. Two new gas fired, high efficiency boilers will be provided to replace the existing steam boilers to improve operating efficiency as well as to enhance energy conservation. The existing pneumatic temperature control system will be replaced with a new electrically actuated direct digital control system (DDC) to improve system operation and maximize energy reduction. To support the mechanical modifications, a new electric service is being provided to convert the original 208-volt system with internal transformer to a new 480-volt system with a transformer external to the building. In addition, architectural, structural, and civil modifications are also being provided to support the mechanical systemic upgrade

Project Details

  • Client Baltimore City Public School System
  • Size 78,000 SF
  • Cost $4.1 M
  • Architect KPN Architects, LLC