Dallas F. Nicholas Elementary School HVAC Renovations

Baltimore, MD

As the prime consultant, BKM provided MEP design services on the renovation to the HVAC systems for the Dallas Nicholas Elementary School.

Under Phase 1 of the mechanical systemic renovation, the central plant equipment was upgraded with all new equipment. The existing water cooled chiller and associated cooling tower were replaced with a new air cooled chiller on the roof. The existing oil fired boilers were replaced with new dual/fuel cast iron sectional boilers, including the extension of natural gas to the building. All associated heating and chilled water pumps as well as the expansion tanks, air separators, etc. were replaced. In addition, all existing rooftop exhaust fans were replaced. To improve operating efficiency and enhance energy conservation, the existing pneumatic temperature controls were replaced with new direct digital controls for all new mechanical equipment. In addition, architectural, structural, civil, and electrical modifications were provided to support the mechanical systemic upgrade.
Subsequent to the Phase 1 of the HVAC modifications, BKM was contracted to provide design services for the Phase 2 HVAC upgrade. Under this second phase, all eight existing central station air handling units were replaced. In addition, the hot water reheat coils throughout the building were replaced. Similar to Phase 1, all new mechanical equipment was retrofitted with new DDC controls to improve controllability, space comfort, and energy conservation.

Project Details

  • Client Baltimore City Public School System
  • Size 70,456 SF
  • Cost $1.1 M
  • Architect KPN Architects