Data Center Arc Flash Study

Columbus, OH

BKM provided electrical engineering services for an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis for this large Tier IV Data Center. 

The facility included redundant 34.5 KV utility services, 11 MVA of substation transformers, (5) parallel diesel gen sets totaling 9MW (N+2), a 2(N+2) UPS system totaling 3375KW of redundant load carrying capacity. Approximately 1300 HP of chiller loads were included. 34.5 KV relays were analyzed. Ten strings of wet cell batteries were included and DC Arc Flash Calculations were performed. Extensive field investigations were required to determine existing single line conditions. Due to redundancy within the system and variance in available fault current, there were approximately 200 switching configurations required. Worst case incident energy was determined for each bus.

Project Details

  • Client Confidential Client
  • Size 100,000 SF (total); 43,000 SF Raised Floor Space
  • Redundant 34.5 KV utility services
  • 270 Busses Included in the Model
  • 5 MW of Critical Load
  • 11 MVA of Substation Transformers
  • (5) parallel diesel Gen Sets totaling 9MW (N+2)
  • 2(N+2) UPS system totaling 3375KW
  • Redundant Load Capacity
  • 1300 HP of chiller loads
  • 200 switching configurations
  • Cost Study (N/A)