Falcon Hall

Takoma Park/Silver Spring, MD

BKM was initially retained as the prime A/E consultant to perform a comprehensive assessment of mechanical and electrical systems, as well as the building envelope.

The building, which was built in 1978 and included 39,000 square feet of gymnasium, natatorium, fitness areas, locker rooms, classrooms and offices, was determined to have original equipment and materials that were past their useful life, and in some cases, not meeting current code. Since the completion of the assessment, BKM has continued to serve in the role of prime consultant for a three phase mechanical and electrical upgrades project to provide new HVAC, power and lighting systems throughout the building. Each of the three phases were developed to allow construction to occur during the summer season when the College is generally in recess (May through August).
Phase 1, which is scheduled to be completed by mid-August 2014, includes the replacement of three air handling units (AHUs) housed within a structural truss that is supporting the gymnasium roof, the replacement of the air distribution and lighting systems serving the gym, and other provisions. Custom air handling units were designed to permit the units to fit within the truss and provided a service vestibule to allow facilities personnel access to unit components while protected from the outdoor elements. New HVAC piping was extended from the mechanical room to the units to replace the fuel oil heating and direct expansion (DX) cooling to reduce energy costs. All related temperature controls and monitoring were converted to direct digital controls (DDC).
Design for Phase 2 has recently begun and will include the replacement of the existing constant volume system serving the locker areas, classrooms and offices with VAV terminal units with heating water coils. Chilled water from the central plant will be connected to the new AHUs by means of new pumps incorporated into the renovated mechanical room. Electrical service and distribution equipment replacement will be included in this phase.  Construction for Phase 2 will be during the Summer of 2015.
Phase 3, slatted for construction in Summer 2016, will include the replacement of HVAC, power and lighting for the natatorium, along with other upgrades.

Project Details

  • Client Montgomery College
  • Size 39,000 SF