Laird Campus Expansion

Newark, DE

The Laird Campus student housing complex is comprised of 4 buildings constructed within the past 10 years combining for 2,200 beds and 2, 17-story high-rise dormitories constructed in the early 1970s with another 1,300-beds. As the student housing complex grew, it became clear that the campus demands would soon exceed the capacity of the existing Central Utility Plant.

Due to existing space constraints within the existing plant and limitations on the existing underground piping distribution system, a new 1,500 ton factory-fabricated chiller plant was provided to serve the 1,300-bed Christiana Towers complex, freeing up the existing 2,250 ton plant to serve the (4) newer buildings. The new packaged plant consists of (2) 750 chillers with variable speed primary pumping and matching induced draft cooling towers with VFDs, sump sweepers and solids separators for increased efficiency. Pre-insulated piping was extended from this remote plant to the Christiana Towers complex.

Project Details

  • Client University of Delaware
  • Size 1,500 tons / 3,750 tons total new
  • Cost $4 M