Mass Notification System

Rockville & Takoma Park/Silver Spring, MD

BKM is the prime consultant for design of a three-phase, mass notification system (MNS) at the Rockville and Takoma Park/Silver Spring campuses. The MNS will be provided for 21 buildings at the Rockville campus totaling 954,000 GSF and 18 buildings at the Takoma Park campus totaling 1,025,520 GSF.

The construction cost for the project is estimated to be $8 M for the Rockville campus and $6 M for the Takoma Park campus. All buildings on each campus will be equipped with a combination voice and text message system. Each building’s voice evacuation fire alarm system will serve as the foundation of the mass notification system. Message boards (textual display) will be added to each building as well. Pre-recorded or live emergency voice and text messages will be issued from the emergency command center in the campus security office. In the event of an emergency, messages can be issued to all buildings or individual buildings depending on the need and situation at hand.

Project Details

  • Client Montgomery College
  • Cost $14 M
  • Size 1,979,520 SF