Rising Sun Elementary School Systemic Renovation

BKM was the prime consultant providing MEP design services for the Rising Sun Elementary School HVAC Renovations.

The HVAC systemic renovations included the replacement of all major components of the cooling and air distribution systems. The existing water cooled chiller and cooling tower were replaced with a new 165 ton air cooled chiller and a remote air cooled condenser. Chilled water pumps were replaced with new pumps including premium efficiency motors and variable frequency drives. Air distribution equipment replacement included seven (7) rooftop air handling units as well as the make-up air handling unit serving the kitchen area. Fifty-six (56) variable air volume (VAV) terminals were also replaced including a new heating water distribution loop to accommodate new heating coils at the VAV terminals. Early in the design process it was determined that the original VAV terminals did not include heating coils, therefore, this design feature was added to the project to enhance the environmental control of the individual zones. In addition, new DDC controls with electrically actuated control valves were provided for all new mechanical equipment.