The Lexington Building

Baltimore, MD

BKM provided m/e/p design services for this six-story building that houses several administrators, including the vice president for external affairs, research and development, academic affairs, graduate programs, and their staff.

The mechanical design utilized the local utility steam distribution as the primary heating source to serve the building. The primary cooling and air distribution is generated from a 100,000 CFM custom fabricated rooftop air handling unit. The unit incorporates multiple supply and return fans for redundancy and energy efficiency and provides conditioned air to the variable volume distribution system throughout the building. Sustainable design elements include variable frequency drives for all fans and pumps as well as a fully integrated building automation system to maximize energy conservation.

Electric service to the administration building is obtained from the university’s medium voltage distribution system. An underground ductbank and manhole system was extended to facilitate the extension of the 15 kV feeders from an existing manhole. An existing single-ended substation was relocated to convert the incoming service to 480/277 volts to serve the building and required reconfiguration to fit within the structural constraints of the main electrical room. Emergency power is obtained from a relocated diesel fueled emergency generator located exterior to the building with an output voltage of 480/277 volts. Emergency service extends through the building by a bus duct riser installed within the electric closets. Lighting consists of recessed CFL downlights and parabolic fixtures which are the university’s standard fixtures. Lighting control is provided by a centralized lighting control system utilizing occupancy sensors, localized override switches and time clock controls.  An addressable fire alarm system is provided and connected to the campus wide central monitoring system.

Project Details

  • Client University of Maryland Baltimore
  • Size 106,000 SF
  • Cost $27.5 M
  • Architect Design Collective, Inc.