Interventional Radiology

Baltimore, MD

BKM provided m/e/p engineering design services for the 16,000-square-foot renovation of the fourth and fifth floors to the Bunting Tower at Mercy Medical Center.

The space includes five Class-B operating rooms with associated patient recovery, nursing, as well as exam and administrative support spaces. The five surgery spaces are utilized for Interventional Radiology, CT Scan, and Pain Procedures. Due to the intended usage and associated anesthesia utilization, the spaces were designed for use as Class-B operating rooms. The air distribution was designed for 20 air changes during occupied periods, with a reduction during unoccupied times for energy conservation while maintaining the AIA required air change rates. Pressurization is maintained in all modes of operation with pressure independent control devices on the supply and return air from each surgery space. In addition, pressure monitoring devices are provided to confirm pressurization and interface with the building automation system. Medical gas distribution and alarm systems are provided for the surgery/recovery areas in compliance with current NFPA 99 requirements. The project includes normal and emergency power distribution, fire alarm, fire protection, and nurse call systems.

Project Details

  • Client Mercy Medical Center
  • Size 16,000 SF
  • Cost $5 M
  • Architect Ammon Heisler Sachs Architects, PC