On all of our projects, our clients have direct access to a member of our management team with the experience and the foresight to answer questions and bring the knowledge gained through our rich project history to implement proven solutions. Decisions are quick and accurate, which saves time, money, and setbacks further down the construction cycle. Additionally, we respect the project budget and can identify opportunities for cost savings through our proven process and active project management.

Market Focuses

Healthy work environments are known to improve employee health, productivity, and profits. Whether designing a new corporate headquarters or renovating your current workspace, we create designs that are comfortable, quiet, and energy efficient.
Commercial Portfolio
Whether designing a new fire station or renovating an existing administrative space, BKM has been providing design services for local, state, and federal government agencies for over 45 years. Our government portfolio includes large and small projects as well as on-call and indefinite delivery contracts.
Government Portfolio
Healthcare environments are complex. Staff and patients need facilities that are comfortable, safe and clean with well-thought-out designs that promote efficient day-to-day operations using the most advanced equipment.
Healthcare Portfolio
Higher Education
Higher Education projects are budget-sensitive with fast-track construction schedules. These projects require specialized attention in order to satisfy all of the involved parties and to align services with the campus infrastructure. We have worked on college campuses since the inception of the firm and our projects include research labs, medical teaching facilities, academic buildings, and libraries.
Higher Education Portfolio
Housing projects must embrace a sense of community and shared goals for its end-users. BKM is proud of our contribution to the improvement of life on campuses and residential communities throughout the mid-Atlantic region.
Housing Portfolio
Infrastructure engineering encompasses the design of central chilled and heating water systems, normal and emergency power systems, and special systems. This network of systems may feed a few buildings or an entire campus or region. Our engineers understand how the macro-scale design affects the users of a building at the micro-scale. Large energy savings can be accomplished with right-sized m/e/p systems and innovative approaches. Reliability options for each system are carefully considered based on the critical nature of each service.
Infrastructure Portfolio
K-12 Education
Research has shown that spaces where we learn and grow are significantly enhanced by natural lighting, fresh air, and proper acoustics. With tight construction/operating budgets and the demand for energy savings we face these educational project challenges with new ideas and technologies that have produced award winning buildings for our clients.
K-12 Education Portfolio
Mission Critical
TiePoint-bkm (A BKM Affiliated Company) have set the standard for mission-critical electrical/mechanical engineering services for over two decades. Unlike engineering generalists, TiePoint-bkm only works in critical environments. Since 1994, we have focused exclusively on engineering resiliency, reliability, and maintainability in mission-critical facilities.
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Science & Technology
Our science & technology projects allow the users to expand their fields of research and manufacturing while also safe guarding the health and safety of its occupants and their surroundings. Our m/e/p designs provide sophistication, flexibility for future expansion, and energy savings to meet our clients long and short term goals.
Science & Technology Portfolio


Mechanical Design

We tailor our mechanical design to meet the requirements of every project with a focus on indoor environmental quality, efficiency, maintainability, and flexibility. Our engineers recommend systems that will best serve the function of the space and provide the best possible environment for its occupants.

Electrical Design

At BKM, we understand the complexity of power systems and the responsibility owners face to provide service to a large number of users. Maintainability and energy efficiency are key aspects to our electrical system designs. Our engineers design safe, reliable, and efficient power distribution systems.

Plumbing Design

Our engineers are well versed in plumbing and piping design allowing clients to rest easy in knowing we are looking out for their best interests. As with all other systems, plumbing must suit the client’s objectives for sustainability, user convenience, cost constraints, and space limitations.

Lighting Design

Lighting design is an essential system merging science and art, engineering and architecture, functionality and aesthetics. Proper lighting design strikes a careful balance between the artistic vision of a space and the comfort, safety, and aspirations of its occupants. BKM is dedicated to providing an attractive and streamlined lighting design that is fully coordinated, sustainable, and economically attainable for our clients.


BKM’s commissioning process ensures the owner receives the full benefit of their building systems, which are comprised of inter-related automation systems to maximize energy efficiency and occupant comfort. Our goal is to provide the building manager with the training and experience to monitor the facility and also be comfortable to modify the components to align with the occupant’s changing needs throughout the building’s life-cycle.

Building Assessments

Because of our thorough understanding of how the m/e/p systems are interrelated and how they affect decisions in other disciplines, our approach is inherently holistic. We can quickly recognize the positive and negative impacts of various decisions, helping our clients to work through the possibilities, clarify their vision, and then make it a reality.

Power Systems Studies

BKM understands the importance of electrical safety, maintenance, reliability, and asset protection within your facility. That’s why we’ve placed such an emphasis on our power systems studies program. Our Power System Engineers specialize in load flow, fault current, coordination, protection, and arc flash studies. Our goal is to minimize your down time while maximizing protection of your assets and personnel.

Energy Modeling

BKM offers whole building energy analysis to satisfy the growing needs of building owners in an increasingly energy cost-conscientious market. Building energy analysis plays a crucial role in the earliest stages of design, informing the building owner and design team of the true impact and value gained by various siting, envelope, and MEP systems design strategies. Services can be provided to address the requirements of LEED Energy & Atmosphere, IgCC 2012, building life cycle cost analysis, building energy code compliance, and utility incentives and rebates.

CFD Modeling

CFD is an essential part of the design process for critical spaces. CFD allows us to optimize the design of a space by evaluating space configuration, airflow distribution, operating conditions, and energy consumption. We work with our clients to produce a design that is energy and cost effective while ensuring that the design can maintain the desired space setpoints.

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