Central Kitchen Facility

Baltimore, MD

BKM provided MEP design services for this new 29,000-square-foot central kitchen facility that serves the entire downtown Johns Hopkins Hospital campus as well as 13,000 square feet of minor kitchen renovations. The central kitchen facility is located on the lower level of the Orleans Street parking garage at Johns Hopkins Hospital and serves as a disaster relief kitchen, if necessary.

The project includes HVAC and kitchen ventilation, plumbing, power, lighting, fire alarm system, and coordination of special systems. The new MEP systems supporting the kitchen functions include ventilation hood systems, walk-in refrigerator/freezer boxes, and portable hot/cold food delivery cart systems, as well as offices, restrooms, equipment maintenance area, breakroom, and food storage areas. Refrigeration and mechanical equipment were installed on the fifth-level roof of the garage several levels above the underground kitchen. Multiple energy-conscience systems were integrated into the design including a fully automated variable airflow exhaust system and HVAC systems to modulate exhaust flow to the numerous kitchen hoods based on the actual cooking processes.

Electrical equipment includes dedicated normal and optional standby electrical distribution systems that are connected to the existing campus main distribution systems. This occupied, phased project required strict coordination to ensure minimal disruptions to existing facility operations.