The Energy Project, Central Heating and Chilled Water Plant & Distribution Piping

Washington, DC

BKM is currently providing MEP design services in two phases for conversion of the central steam plant to a heating water system with provisions for a new central chilled water system.

The projects include the provisions for all new distribution piping, pumps, and conversions of campus buildings from steam heating to heating water. This project will connect to twenty-nine buildings, including the removal of twenty-five steam to heating water heat exchangers in sixteen different buildings.

These projects provide cooling piping connections to serve ten buildings on campus previously without any form of cooling, as well as providing eleven new secondary distribution pumps. Three new gas-fired steam boilers are provided to select buildings on campus which are heated by steam unitary equipment. Underground primary distribution piping provided under these projects extends approximately 6,000 linear feet in a loop across campus with twenty-three new underground vaults.

The existing central plant building, originally built in 1910, was renovated under this project to allow for the installation of the new central heating and cooling equipment. The installation was phased to allow for operation of existing gas-fired steam boilers. A project total of twelve condensing hot water boilers with dual-fuel gas / fuel oil firing and with a total capacity of 72 Million BTU. Cooling is provided by three 1,000-ton centrifugal water-cooled chillers with cross-connection points for a future additional 3,000 tons of cooling. Three associated cooling towers were located adjacent to the central plant building equipped with a rainwater harvesting system and underground water storage cistern.