Walker Jones PK-8 School

Washington, D.C.

BKM provided m/e/p design services under a design/build contract for a new school that serves students in pre-K-8th grade. Designed for a capacity of approximately 850 students, the school replaced two existing DCPS facilities on the site. The 100,000-square-foot school houses a cafeteria with a stage, classrooms, laboratories, a media center, offices, and support spaces.

This facility shares a 500-seat gymnasium with a 20,000-square-foot community recreation center, also programmed as part of the complex. A small public library branch of approximately 5,000-square-foot is located adjacent to the recreation center. The project achieved LEED Silver certification, including a green roof that is used to help students learn about ecology and sustainability. The sustainable features on this project include low cut-off site lighting fixtures, low flow plumbing fixtures, and a high efficient HVAC system that attains 19% energy savings above the standard ASHRAE 90.1 baseline.

The mechanical system includes high efficiency rooftop air handling units which serve variable volume terminals throughout the facility. The air handling units are incorporated with energy recovery wheels to maximize energy conservation. High efficiency gas fired boilers provide hot water heating throughout the building to VAV terminals, radiant panels and miscellaneous heating terminals. Sustainable design features include the AHU energy recovery wheels, variable frequency drives for all fans and pumps, high level air filtration, water conserving plumbing fixtures, as well as, a fully automated direct digital control system to monitor, control and minimize energy use throughout the facility.

The secondary electric service is provided by PEPCO and is terminated at the main switchboard rated 3000 Amp, 480/277-volt which contains all feeder breakers serving the mechanical equipment and branch circuit panelboards throughout the building. The branch panelboards are located within electric closets and contain 480/277-volt panelboards, dry type transformers and 208/120-volt panelboards. The emergency distribution system derives power from a 275 kW diesel fueled generator and serves the fire pump, life safety and equipment loads.

Classroom lighting is provided by recessed direct/indirect fluorescent fixtures utilizing high output T5 lamps and step dimming ballasts with localized switches and ceiling mounted occupancy sensors. Large areas are illuminated with fixtures utilizing high output T5 fluorescent lamps with either single level or multi-level switching control. Lighting in public space areas are provided by recessed fluorescent troffers controlled by time clocks. Duplex and specialty receptacles are located to suit individual area requirements as well as for general convenience use.