Macklin Tower MCTV Renovation

Rockville, MD

BKM provided MEP design services for the renovation of the MCTV Suite and TV Studio, as well of the replacement of all HVAC and electrical systems in these areas and the basement mechanical room within Macklin Tower on the Rockville Campus of Montgomery College.

A new variable air volume system was provided to replace the existing constant volume systems serving the suite and TV Studio. A 19,000 CFM custom air handling unit was selected to fit within an existing 18’-0” x 25’-0” footprint in the building’s mechanical room and was dedicated to serve the MCTV suite and TV Studio on the floor above. The new air handling unit included a supply air fan array equipped with a variable frequency drive (VFD), chilled water and heating water coils, and MERV 8 and MERV 13 filter racks equipped with magnehelic pressure gauges for monitoring filter pressure drop. The unit was provided with access doors at each section for maintenance. An external return air fan was provided and equipped with a VFD. The unit features economizer operation based on outside air enthalpy for energy savings and demand controlled ventilation based on occupancy sensors installed throughout the suite. Ductwork sound attenuators were installed in the supply and return ductwork to achieve an NC value of 25 within the MCTV editing suites and TV Studio.

Additional sound attenuators were provided downstream of all terminal units to manage terminal unit discharge noise levels. The building’s existing dual temperature pumps were removed under this renovation and new chilled water and heating water pumps were provided to serve the building 4 pipe system. Change over valves were installed where the existing dual temperature system remains within the building. The new base mounted end suction chilled water and heater water pumps were equipped with VFDs and are connected to the campus central chilled water and heating water plant. All new equipment provided under the renovation was connected to the campus’s DDC energy management control system.