Resource Center

Takoma Park/Silver Spring, MD

The 44,000-square-foot Resource Center houses the campus library, learning lab, computer center, and faculty offices on the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus. Originally constructed in 1957 with a large addition during the mid-1970s, the four existing all-electric HVAC rooftop air handling units were not only energy inefficient, but were also beyond the useful life expectancy.

As prime A/E for the HVAC upgrades, new custom AHUs were provided with chilled water and heating water coils for connection to the campus central cooling and heating plant and distribution system. The project included extension of the HVAC piping from a vault outside of the building, new building pumps and distribution piping to the AHUs and new air terminal unit with heating coils, and new DDC controls interconnected with the campus BAS system. To provide variable airflow operation, the existing multi-zone ductwork system was converted to VAV operation by installing new air terminal units with heating coils in the existing supply ductwork.