Parkville Middle School Systemic Renovation

Baltimore, MD

As prime consultant, BKM provided MEP design services for the systemic renovation of a two-story middle school constructed in the early 1950s. The facility contains 55 classrooms, auditorium, library, cafeteria, two gymnasiums, and administrative offices to support 1,100 students and 100 staff members.

Mechanical renovations included the replacement of twelve air handling units, as well as most of the other HVAC equipment including the chiller which served the administrative area and media center. Prior to the renovation, only the administrative area and media center of the building had cooling capability. The remainder of the building was provided with steam heat and tempered ventilation. As part of this project, provisions were made for the future addition of cooling for the rest of the building, and for conversion from steam to heating water. A dual temperature piping loop was designed to serve air handlers and unit ventilators with the capability of accommodating the future cooling load. The plumbing system was upgraded, and the building was fully sprinklered.

Electrical upgrades included a new main switchboard, as well as new panel boards throughout the school. New lighting was provided for the entire school, and the electrical system was upgraded to accommodate the changes made in the renovation.