Pimlico PK-8 Renovation/Addition

Baltimore, MD

BKM provided MEP design services for the 120,000-square-foot phased and occupied renovation/addition to Pimlico Elementary/Middle School.

Designs incorporated a new three-story addition to connect the current two buildings to resolve the different floor levels. The original 1910 school building will be rebuilt to support the elementary component of the project while the 1924 building will house the middle school. Additional spaces included modernizing the dining room and expanding the gymnasium and community space. The design team worked closely with the surrounding community to address their needs and concerns. MEP systems will be upgraded to replace the current outdated systems and meet the future needs of the school and its occupants. Various electrical upgrades will included classroom AVs, intercommunication system, CATV distribution network, and sound/data/security systems to modernize the facility. The project was designed to anticipate LEED Silver Certification.