We just wrapped up a second successful week of UPS testing at Mitsubishi Electric in Pittsburgh, PA. Our client is upgrading their obsolete UPS systems with a transformerless UPS solution (two 3 x 500 kW systems). The new UPS systems will maintain the existing high availability (2N+1) configuration for maximum reliability and ease of maintenance.

UPS System Test Cell with 3 x 500 kW Modules

Mitsubishi developed a novel, software-based data acquisition system that automates the collection, labeling, and display of test metering data (voltage/current waveforms, min/max values, etc.). This information is used to populate graphical interface screens that are displayed on a large monitor for attendee analysis and confirmation of test results.

Large Screen Display of Test Results

The highly efficient test process allowed our team to complete the testing ahead schedule. Mitsubishi was flexible with the testing agenda, so the extra time was put to good use by testing UPS system operating sequences and failure scenarios that were not part of the standard factory test script.

Overall, this well-organized, successful factory test is a big confidence booster for the owner and engineering/construction team. Up next, UPS installation and commissioning in the live data center!