Carney Elementary School

Parkville, MD

As the prime consultant, BKM provided design services on the renovation to the HVAC systems for Carney Elementary School located in Baltimore County.

The primary scope of this renovation focused on the addition of air conditioning to the entire building including several new air-cooled variable refrigerant volume (VRF) systems serving the classrooms. The VRF systems were coupled with dedicated outdoor air (DOAS) units to provide ventilation air for the classrooms. The DOAS units were provided with hot water heating coils and energy recovery via plate heat exchangers. Air conditioning was added to the gymnasium, cafeteria, and administrative areas through packaged direct expansion (DX) rooftop air handling units. Modifications were made to the heating system including new heating water pumps and branch heating water piping to accommodate the new rooftop equipment. The project also included new DDC controls for all new equipment and temperature sensors, wiring, and modulating heating valves for heating equipment.

Under a separate contract, BKM performed an electrical upgrade to the school’s existing 208/120V service to a 480/277V service to accommodate the HVAC upgrades.