Hyperscale Data Center Building 6A


TiePoint-bkm provides Commissioning Services for the first of three 60 MW hyperscale data centers and the associated central Chiller Plant. The data center building is two stories totaling 245,000 SF in support of two 63,500 SF data halls. Each data hall is configured with 3 zones of IT cabinets, with approximately 100 rows of IT per floor.

Due to the scale and schedule of this project, TiePoint-bkm has been retained to provide on-site QA/QC, Level 2 (installation verification and testing validation), and L3 (pre-functional) commissioning before handing off the L4 (functional testing) and L5 (integrated systems testing) to another commissioning provider. To accomplish this task, TiePoint-bkm has four full-time personnel on site for a continuous 12-month period.

Electrical Infrastructure: This portion of the campus is supported by a new 150 MVA HV Substation (160kV – 27kV). Each data center building is equipped with four 1,200A 27kV / 416V Site Distribution Centers, which in turn support a total of 24 Critical Power Distribution Centers (each sized for 4000A at 416Y/240V). The PDCs (12 per floor) feed a series of overhead 2000A busways serving the IT cabinets. Each PDC is backed up by a dedicated 2.75 MW Engine-Generator (24 in total).

Mechanical Infrastructure: The three 60 MW data center buildings will be supported from a central Chiller Plant designed for 12-2,000 ton line-ups (chiller, cooling tower, HX, pumps, electrical SWGR, and 2 MW Engine Generator) connected to a common 36” header, with dual-path distribution extending overhead throughout the campus. Under this phase, only 6 of the line-ups were installed in the Chiller Plant. Each data center building has a pair of 16” cross mains, supporting a looped network of piping on each floor. Custom overhead fan coil units provide critical cooling throughout each cold aisle (approximately 270 units in total).

Project Highlights

  • Tier III Data Center
  • Two Data Halls
  • 60 MW of Critical IT Load
  • 475 watts/SF
  • 12,000 Ton Chiller Plant, expandable to 24,000 Tons