National Center East

North Carolina

TiePoint-bkm performed a full assessment of this corporate Data Center in 2015, focusing on critical infrastructure, operations, and key performance index values. In 2017, TiePoint-bkm performed a study targeting an increase in the facilities total IT capacity. Following the study, TiePoint-bkm designed two capacity expansion projects within the live facility completed in 2018 and 2021. Each project included phased construction to maintain 24×7 operation of the existing systems throughout construction and commissioning.

The Data Center houses four data halls at 12,000 SF each, with a planned IT capacity of 8,200 kW of critical load. The infrastructure for the facility is designed to support concurrent maintainability (Tier III). At full buildout, the critical infrastructure can be summarized as follows:

Critical Power: Eight 2MW diesel EGs in an N+1 configuration. The plant is designed to carry the entire building at full load (approximately 14 MW). UPS architecture includes a 3N/2 design with a total of 21 modules for a peak usable output of 8,200 kW.

Chiller Plant: The mechanical plant consists of fourteen air-cooled chillers rated for 320 tons each. The chillers are arranged in pairs to create seven lineups in an N+1 configuration for a total plant capacity of 3,840 tons. The plant is supported by seven 60 HP CHW pumps arranged in a variable speed primary configuration.

Continuous Cooling: A dedicated Mechanical UPS System serves the CRAH fans, CHW pumps, and BAS to provide continuous cooling in conjunction with 90,000 gallons of CHW storage.

Data Halls: The first two data halls are designed to support a room density of 100 watts/SF and rack densities of 5kW. Data Halls 3 and 4 are designed to support room densities of 150 watts/SF and rack densities of 15 kW up to 25 kW.

Project Highlights

  • Tier III Data Center
  • Four Data Halls
  • 14 MW Engine Generator Plant at (N+1)
  • 3N/2 UPS Systems
  • 8,200 kW Critical Load
  • 3,820 ton Chiller Plant at (N+2)
  • 150 watts/SF
  • Hot Aisle Containment