Phoenix Data Center


This four-story, 135,000-square-foot data center was designed to reliably support the client’s immense data needs. The outdoor equipment yards house ten 2MW generators, a 250,000-gallon chilled water storage tank, and a hydro-pneumatic well tank (for back-up cooling tower make-up water). Floors one and two encompass all of the building’s infrastructure (switchgear, UPS, batteries, chillers, and pump rooms), while the two upper floors are completely dedicated to raised floor computing space. Phase 3 and 4 consisted of fitting out the 35,000-square-foot third floor for computing space, and completing the necessary infrastructure incorporating two 600-ton chillers and associated towers, pumps, piping, and controls.

The data center was designed for a Tier IV rating as defined by The Uptime Institute (fault tolerant/ concurrently maintainable). The chilled water plant consists of six 600 ton chillers in an N+2 arrangement. The plant is equipped for 3,600 tons of capacity to serve the 2,400 ton demand. The chillers are compartmentalized into three rooms with two chillers each. As such, an outage in one room will not affect the plant’s capacity to maintain the load. An outdoor thermal storage tank (135,000 gallons) is provided for continuous cooling.

The UPS Topology consists of three systems each configured in a 2(N+1) arrangement. Each system has a rated capacity of 2,700 kW (8,100 kW total) to support a critical load of more than 7,000 kW.
TiePoint-bkm provided Factory Acceptance Testing and Site Acceptance Testing for the Critical Power Distribution electrical systems. TiePoint-bkm also prepared maintenance procedures for critical infrastructure, MOP review, and owner personnel training.

Project Highlights

  • Tier IV Data Center
  • Two Data Halls
  • 2(N+1) UPS Architecture Across 3 SystemS
  • 7,290 kW Critical Load
  • N+2 EG Plant
  • N+2 Chiller Plant
  • Continuous Cooling
  • 5 kW/IT Rack (avg)
  • 100 w/SF density