Hyperscale Data Center Building 5C


TiePoint-bkm is providing commissioning services for this 55 MW hyperscale data center, the 7th and final building on the southern part of this massive data center campus. This four-story facility is 522,000 SF in support of four 42,000 SF data halls. Each data hall is configured with 3 zones of IT cabinets, with approximately 60 rows of IT per floor.

Due to the scale and schedule of this project, TiePoint-bkm has been retained to provide on-site QA/ QC, Level 2 (installation verification and testing validation) and L3 (pre-functional) commissioning, prior to handing off the L4 (functional testing) and L5 (integrated systems testing) to another Cx provider. To accomplish this task, TiePoint-bkm has four fulltime personnel on site for a continuous 12-month period.

Electrical Infrastructure: The data center building is powered from four 1,200A 27kV / 13.8kV outdoor Site Distribution Centers serving 2,000A 13.8kV MV distribution SWGR. The MV SWGR in turn supports a total of 80 Critical Power Unit Substations (1,800A at 13.8kV / 416V). The Unit Substations (20 per floor) feed a series of overhead busways serving the IT cabinets. Critical power is backed-up by six 2.75 MW Engine-Generators per floor (24 in total).

Mechanical Infrastructure: The 55 MW data center building is supported from an existing 24,000 ton central Chiller Plant connected to a common 42” header, with dual-path distribution extending overhead throughout the campus. This data center building has a pair of 20” cross mains, supporting a looped network of piping on each floor. Custom overhead fan coil units provide the critical cooling throughout each cold aisle (approximately 80 per floor, 320 units in total).

Project Highlights

  • Tier III Data Center
  • Four Data Halls
  • 55 MW of Critical IT Load
  • 325 watts/SF
  • 150,000 gallons of fuel oil