Information Technology Center


The Data Center houses a total of 50,000 square feet (SF) of white space spread across three floors. IT equipment is configured in a hot aisle/ cold aisle arrangement, with an average density of 50 w/SF. Dual-powered power distribution units (PDU) are distributed throughout each data hall, serving remote power panels located at the ends of each row of information technology equipment (ITE). Cooling is provided from a series of central station air handling units (AHU) located in equipment galleries on both sides of each data hall (six galleries total). Supply air from each unit is ducted to a common header that distributes conditioned air beneath the raised access floor (RAF).

TiePoint-bkm has provided ongoing engineering support throughout this facility in an effort to provide increased capacity and improved efficiencies, as described below:

Central Air-handling Units (CAHU) Upgrades: Each air handler was recently upgraded with new motors and VFDs. Temperature control for the raised floor was modified such that the CAHU fans modulate to maintain a constant underfloor static pressure while the chilled water valve (CHW) modulate to maintain a constant discharge temperature.

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC): As the company’s business model changes, IT has begun a multiphase high-density deployment. Each SDDC pod consists of 20 cabinets at 20kW each. IT hardware and cabling are prefabricated within each cabinet before arrival at the site. Cabinets are complete with passive chimneys for integral hot aisle containment.

UPS System Replacement: Existing UPS topology consists of a 2(N+1) system rated for 2,700 kW. A second module+ module system is being added to provide an additional 1,100 kW of capacity to the raised floor. TiePoint-bkm is preparing a master plan to replace the original UPS system with a new 4,000 kW system.

Chiller Plant Upgrades: The data center is currently supported by a dedicated 1,300-ton chiller that is backed up from the campus central plant. Plate and Frame HXs are used to decouple the general building CHW distribution from the Data Center CHW system. Dedicated dual-path secondary CHW piping is distributed to each CAHU gallery. To address the increased IT load, the plant is being modified to include redundant 1,800-ton chillers dedicated to the data center. This project includes new pumps, piping, cooling tower upgrades, electrical upgrades, and a complete BAS replacement.

Project Highlights

  • Tier III Data Center
  • Three Data Halls
  • 2(N+1) UPS Systems
  • N+2 EG Plant
  • 2,700 kW Critical Load
  • Expanding to 4,000 kW
  • Chiller Plant Replacement
  • Migrating to 20 kW HPC racks