There are two sides to every building.

At BKM we approach every engineering project with a rich mixture of talent, experience, creativity, and curiosity.

Whether your challenges are mechanical, electrical, or plumbing engineering, we will streamline the design process and guide your project to a successful conclusion. 

Our Team

  • Professional & Technical Staff 50
  • Registered Engineers 19
  • Engineers in Training (EIT) 4
  • LEED Accredited Professionals 16
  • Years of Excellence 49
  • MEP Prime Change Orders < 1%

The key to solving unique problems is forming a team of unique thinkers passionate about the challenge.

Our process isn’t the only thing that’s different. BKM was built based on a philosophy of collaboration, within our team, and with our clients. It’s in the spirit of collaboration that we share some of our successes and what we’ve learned from our recent projects.